A Very Fine Saturday

12.1.2019 kaisu

It's Saturday morning and I am descenting to the basement, descenting to the workshop. I hit the on/off button on my radio. -Isn't it lovely, all alone? Heart made of glass, my mind of stone, tear me to pieces, skin and bone. Hello, welcome home.- The voice belongs to this woman, apparently young, kind of sad, but voice so beautiful. Voice so clear. It has been snowing for few days, so there is half a meter of snow outside and I, I am here in my workshop, in the warmth of it.

I listened to the clear, beautiful voice and made plans for my design, how to place the stones, how to engrave the jewelry and I thought that this place in time is full, it's ready. I don't need to do anything anymore, but since I'm working, I have to make sure to make something beautiful. World is full of horror, I can not be one making more of it.

The jewelry in procress was a gift to my friend, who had just finished her master studies. It wasn't the lyrics of the song that acted as a trigger but the atmosphere what the song created. It seems there is a presens of magic when you are able to do what you love. This particular moment was perfect for making something out of heart. I pictured the exprecions on my friends face when I would present my gift. I smiled.

For me, doing what I love is more than saws and files, stones and enamel. It's magic, it's emotions more than all the tangible objects. It's about creating something out of nothing. If I feel good it resettles to the jewelry. No matter what the design is the good feeling, the magic, becomes part of the jewelry. The same rule applies when I make a custom peace, if I can feel the customers emotions, I can resettle it to the jewelry. Then the jewelry becomes a symbol of that feeling more than an object.

New year has just started, promise your self to do what you love, to feel the magic of moments of fullnes. Have a good one.